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The Cameron Method - Interesting Links

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You can now get some of my best material over the Internet at a great online resource called is a great resource for building a wide variety of business skills. I have worked closely with them to develop self-paced online courses that you can take anytime, anywhere you can connect to the Internet. Check them out at today.

Bootstraps - by Keith Ellis: A column devoted to self-help and self-improvement.

Head-Cleaners Hypnosis Audio Cassettes - Hypnotic experiences finely woven by a clinical psychologist to foster strengths, relax and cleanse the head of specific anxieties, sleeeplessness, pain and/or difficulties with self control. No-risk guarantee.

Institute of Totally Useless Office Skills where a new skill is posted every weekday. By Rick Davis, author of "Totally Useless Office Skills: 75 Great Ways to Play at Work." This book was featured in the Inner Mind Update of July 23, 1998.

The Mind Media Life Enhancement Network

Personal-Development.Com - Excellent list of self-improvement links.

PsychScapes WorldWide, Inc. is the largest database of continuing education workshops and conferences in the world, listing about 6000 such offerings annually last year spanning 41 countries. You may return directly to the Cameron Group after completing a search. The database may be searched by topics, dates, locations, and speakers.

Self Improvement Online - a targeted directory of information on Self Improvement and Personal Growth with two newsletters on Self Improvement and Natural Health.

Yasale Izumi Office - Redesign your body!


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