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20 August, 1997 - How's Your Attitude About... Money?

Quote of the week: "Your beliefs and your attitude are what will make you feel rich, feeling free to believe in yourself, knowing that you will take the right actions with your money no matter how much money you have or do not have today, and knowing that everything really does happen for the best."
--Suze Orman, in "The Nine Steps To Financial Freedom: Practical & Spiritual
Steps So You Can Stop Worrying," Crown Publishers, New York, 1997.

Worthwhile Reading: Suze Orman's book (quoted above) combines the practical wisdom of a highly successful financial advisor and planner with compassion and insight. She understands the psychological and spiritual principles that underlie our use (and misuse) of money.

Her book is alive with powerful truths, such as: "...I'll go so far as to say that in my experience, most of my clients' biggest problems in life today---even those that appear on the surface not to be money---are directly connected with their early, formative experiences with money." She then asks you to "look back in your childhood and remember everything you can about money, the wonderful things it did and the ways in which it might have scared you."

(You can, of course, take a in-depth look at your real inner beliefs about money---especially those you cannot consciously recall---by working with us using The Cameron Method, or by getting the CompuMindTM software.)

Related Case Study from the Cameron Method Files: John T. (Name & business type altered for privacy). This client was teetering on the edge when he came in at the insistent urging of his brother, who, as a salesman, had himself had a wonderful turnaround in his business from working with Clark.

John owned his own painting business. It consisted of a small workforce of marginally skilled laborers who were poorly supervised by his lead painter. His finances were close to desperate. He had tried everything he could think of to remedy the situation but nothing was working. John had all this trouble despite the fact that he was intelligent, able, personable, and knew his business.

Working with Clark, he was able to uncover the negative beliefs underlying his mindset about money, prosperity, success, failure, sales and salesmanship. The percentage attitudinal measurements they obtained from his inner mind both revealed and diagnosed the true nature of his situation.

In weekly sessions over three months, using The Cameron Method, they explored the origins of each of the hidden harmful themes that had been dominating his life. As they came to light, they changed them.

By the end of this time, he completely turned around his business operations, including his relationship with his employees. He also landed a $375,000 contract, an unprecedented achievement for him. Prior to the mindset work done using The Method, these accomplishments had been impossible for John to imagine himself bringing about.

Without the old self-image and mindset blocks & limits holding him back, he was able to see the opportunities presented and "seize the day" for a new and far better life.

Until next time, the best to you,
Clark and Sharon Cameron

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