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29 August, 1997 - How's Your Attitude About...
What's "Most Important" to You?

Quote of the week: Recently we saw a rerun of the old movie, "City Slicker," starring Billy Crystal and Jack Palance. In it, the City Slicker (Billy Crystal) asks the Grizzled Cowboy (Jack Palance), "What is the meaning of life?"
Palance holds up his index finger and says, "This."
Nonplussed, Billy asks, "A finger?"
"No, I mean just one thing."
"So, what's the one thing?"
"Well, it's different for each person. But you must find the one thing most important for you and follow it. Just let go of everything else." (Quite a cowboy!)

Sounds like very good advice, so we are repeating it here. So much of life consists of distractions, so find the one thing of greatest importance to you.

It may be your family, your work, your personal growth, or your Dream. When you decide what that one important thing is, go for it! Concentrate on it and let go of everything else. Don't worry if you haven't yet decided exactly what it is. You are still building the experience you need to make your choice.

From the file of The Cameron Method: We have had many clients come in to check out their inner mind on what is "the most important thing" for them. What do they really want to do with their lives? All too often, we discover that real beliefs on this subject are buried under hidden fears and Conflicts. They can also be hidden under someone else's desires for you. (Parents...bosses... "society.)"

When we strip away this overlay, the real "life mission" can emerge. It can range from the simple and prosaic to the challenging and grandiose. Sometimes, it is to love the person you are with and build a life together. Sometimes it is to follow a dream of building a business, or creating wealth. It can be as varied as people are, and we have witnessed the emergence of all kinds of life missions, both serene and passionate.

Working with a client, we first concentrate on clearing out the mental/emotional underbrush. Then we look at what merges as your "most important single thing." If you have any inner blocks to accomplishing it, we work with you to remove them with the Releasing Strategy.

This process is completed on a life purpose issue when the inner mind measurement indicates zero fear about it. We also want one hundred percent positive feelings and zero negative. In this state, you can be free of hidden blocks to doing what is needed to realize your goal.

If you cannot work with us personally, our interactive CompuMind TM software is available to help do the job, as is Sharon's book. (See our Web site.)

So our message today is: Find the"One Thing" that is most important to you and remove your inner fears and reservations about it. You can achieve your purpose in life and find happiness and real satisfaction.

Until next time, the best to you,
Clark and Sharon Cameron

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