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30 December, 1997 - A Fresh Start?

Let's talk about this turning-point time of year. What a time after the holidays' excitement -- rushing to meet and greet folks, partying as well as winding up the year. We don't want to overlook anyone, and there never seem to be enough hours in the day to do it all.

Or, some of us may be in a bit of melancholy because we believe our life isn't at the point we want it to be, in some respect -- personal or work.

One thing to remember is that we can never duplicate the Budweiser Christmas card commercial in our lives. It's a powerful commercial because it triggers fond images of the kind of life that most of us have never experienced, but feel we should have!

Think of your own fond memories and savor them. If you can't think of any, shift your perceptions a little to create some the way they "should have been," and then use The Releasing Strategy (see below) to help you ease your inner mind into a more helpful, positive frame.

Another idea is to help your mind see that, in fact, you have had it the way it should have been. You have had in your history just what you needed to learn a thing or two. You know, if it had been easier, just possibly you wouldn't have paid attention. And then, once you start looking at your history with a little bit of acceptance, you can become free of the chains of resentment that can make you feel like an eternal victim.

So we are entering a new year -- and even closing in on a new century (of which none of us current adults will live to see the end.) And we even have the new millennium coming up! It seems like a great time to make momentous decisions. Change jobs, move across the country or to a new part of the world. Throw out the old. Start something new!

You might clean out your desk, or your home. Organize and decide some new resolutions. (And remember to practice them for at least one month.) These can be comforting, solid things to do. They are outward expressions of the cleaning out that you want to be going on in your mind.

A reminder: Remember that you can use The Releasing Strategy to help you start any new adventure, no matter how big or small. With Releasing, you can let go of the "sticky" little -- or big -- inner beliefs that can be holding you back from realizing your dreams or practicing what you know you need to do to create what you want.

Try The Releasing Strategy (say aloud!)...

Use the Releasing to help you with your specific desires, and have a HAPPY, HEALTHY, PROSPEROUS, AND LOVING NEW YEAR!

Sharon and Clark Cameron

The Cameron Group
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