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The Cameron Method - Newsletter Archive

16 June, 1998 - Support & Survival Newsletter

Do you feel appreciated, and accepted by at least one person... a friend, your mate, even your boss? Positive support can help you handle any crisis or stress, as well as even live longer. -- I know, when we feel stressed, living longer may be not be all that attractive.

On the other hand, how about living longer and enjoying it? How can you have that? There we go again. ...It's involved with building positive relationships.

Dean Ornish's latest book titled, Love & Survival: The Scientific Basis for the Healing Power of Intimacy gives the statistics to back us up on this one. People with all kinds of life threatening diseases turned out to live longer, and even recover more often with a positive emotional support system.

Dr. Ornish is known for his groundbreaking work using diet, exercise, relaxation and meditation to reverse heart disease. He indicates that of all the actions and changes in different areas of life he recommends, creating a positive emotional support system is the most important.

In the business world, you are often trained to avoid, or at least "not need" to have, that kind of relationship. You are directed toward success with military-sounding advice. Everyone is your adversary… your competitor. They're sharks out there. You should kill the competion! And you shouldn't look for psychological support from anyone. Another person is, by definition, not to be trusted. Nothing personal about it, it is just the structure. And it is a problem.

You can create the support system you need. It is helpful if you do have a partner to share this work with. You can support each other using the Releasing Strategy. We have found that when we have a group dynamic using the releasing, even more benefits can be enjoyed.

Let us know if you want to start up a Cameron Method Power Support group in your company and we can help you set it up.

For now, try these releasing statements, saying each aloud once or until you can say it easily.

Have a great day,
Sharon and Clark Cameron

The Cameron Group
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"Attitude makes all the difference!"

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