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18 January, 1999 - Planning To Succeed

In USA Today , January 1, W.C. Clarke writes of the story of the first solo transatlantic flight, flown by Charles Linbergh in 1927. At the end of the column, he quotes Lindbergh on his feat as saying "The most important thing is developing your plan and acting on it."

The first month of the year is typically the time for us all to take stock of what we have been creating in the past year, and strike out to create something better in this new one. You can feel it in the air... the time is NOW!

Are you wanting to cut down on your girth, or excess poundage? And keep it off?

Do you want to increase your disposable income or savings?

Are you ready to create a good mate relationship? Or improve one that you are in?

How's your sex life? Ready to have improvements there?

Are you really ready to let go of that addiction that has been getting more and more in control of you?

Are you ready to GET ORGANIZED?

Would you like to clean out all the old cobwebs of your mind and move forward to a Great New Year???

We repeat, the time is NOW! You can let go of the old programming in your mind that keeps you from being the person you want to be.

Only a small percentage of people actually create a plan for change and work to carry out that plan. Why not? Is it because we feel we really can't make a permanent change? Is it because it seems that change takes too much self-control, too much self-discipline?

We have been noticing that the term "self-discipline" sounds very heavy or even harsh. It can make you feel like you have to pick yourself up by the scruff of the neck and shake yourself until your teeth rattle.

Most people feel that the only way to really change is to battle their way through the problem (which means themselves). They must do something very difficult or that takes constant concentration.

When we think this way we set ourselves up for failure. We actually pre-punish ourselves for our anticipated failure.

Let's change the term "self-discipline" to "self-interest." As we have considered this concept, we have realized that any change or improvement we want to make for ourselves is in fact something we choose for our own longer-term self-interest.

So, for a lever to assist your thinking about what you want to accomplish for yourself, use this concept. Don't say, "I can't have that ............ " Say "I won't take (eat, use, spend etc.) that ......... because it isn't in my self-interest to do so. I am doing this for my real self-interest! I will choose this different behavior right now because it is in my self-interest to do so. I choose to benefit myself."

And let's support this new mindset with The Releasing Strategy. Repeat each statement until you can say it easily.

Have a great, fulfilling year!
Sharon and Clark Cameron

The Cameron Group
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