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Designing Your Heart's Desire: The Releasing Strategy

Copyright © by Sharon Marshall Cameron
All Rights Reserved

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Why Should You Read This Book?

Should you bother with one more book about your inner mind, and how you might change it? Could this one really differ from any others? You may feel you have already tried just about everything to make the changes you want. The methods offered might work for someone else, but maybe not for you.

Perhaps you can't visualize, or meditate for the hours it takes for real improvement, let alone attain enlightenment, whatever that may mean. You may have been able to get key ideas intellectually, but haven't been able to put those concepts to work at the inner emotional level to have lifelong impact.

In Western Society, we have often wanted to realize instant benefits from Eastern philosophy and methods. Our fast-food thinking leads us to believe we should be able to reach enlightenment, or at least temporary Nirvana, in a weekend workshop. Certainly, by the time we have read through an entire book or taken a course, we should have it! We should be happy, able to create what we want, and keep our balance in any circumstance. And, of course, we should be able to create love, health, and wealth in our lives.

Wanting this enlightenment, we have parroted the est phrase, I got it! Most participants, however, having used the word to invoke the reality, go home after the experience without it. The enthusiasm generated by the group can wane in a short time.

But is it so wrong to keep searching for this golden fleece? We even look longingly for it in the movies and TV as we cheer on the hero (our real self) to overcome impossible odds.

I don't think we are wrong to keep looking and longing. With the characteristic naiveté of our culture, Americans have often come up with solutions to problems long thought insoluble. We know that just because something hasn't been done before doesn't mean we can't do it now.

This fact accounts for the development of this method and the writing of this book. The Releasing Strategy is a method by which you can actually accomplish, or at least free yourself to create, what you really want in life, almost instantly. Thus, we meet the most essential requirement before we even begin! If you can read, or if someone else can read this to you, and if you follow the simple directions, you can learn right now how to let go of unconscious blocks that may be limiting or frustrating you in any area of life.

No longer will you have to go to a shrink, or spend years on a couch, or in meditation, or studying all the learned thinkers of the world. Please remember, I didn't say you shouldn't do those things, just that you don't have to in order to accomplish what you want.

Great truths are often simple, and the foundation of this method rests squarely on simple truths. The method itself is simple, fast, and usually interesting. It may not always be easy, but then, you do still want some challenge in life, don't you?

We have named this method of empowerment, The Releasing Strategy. We have found it incorporates both masculine and feminine elements of the psyche. The usual methods for reaching and changing the inner mind are right-brain: feminine and intuitive. They leave the left-brain Western mind adrift as it wants to do something, which gets it nowhere. In our formula, Releasing represents the feminine, and Strategy the masculine mode of goal-seeking action. And again, "Designing" is action-oriented and your "Heart's Desire" is goal-oriented as well as feminine.

As I will demonstrate in later chapters, using The Releasing Strategy engages the whole brain, or the whole person. Although Releasing suggests a feminine approach to problem solving, the activation element is the masculine or assertive part of the personality that engages the will. In being willing to release a negative belief, perception or judgment, we decide through our conscious ego that it is best for us to change our minds about an issue.

Here lies the one part of The Releasing Strategy that may prove difficult or, sometimes, insurmountable. You may have so much of your identity invested in your current beliefs, regardless of facts or consequences, that you are unwilling to change. You may feel willing to die first.

The basis of this unwillingness to change is always fear. When you are angry, resentful or fearful, there is a part of you that wants to hang onto these feelings in the belief that they will somehow protect or preserve you. You may have the common conviction that fear is both armor and weapon. I know it doesn't feel like fear when you want to punch someone in the nose in order to teach them or change them to your way of thinking, but it is.

You can believe it is justifiable to wage unlimited war if you are defending yourself against what you consider attack. Why else would we call our federal government's formerly named War Department, the Department of Defense? This, of course, is the organ of the government whose primary job is to scan the world in search of reasons to be fearful, and wage war against them.

Your mind harbors no small supply of fear and its alter ego, anger. Have you ever noticed how, in a heated argument, as your voice is raised, your breathing is faster, and your body shifts into an attack stance? You could call it a defense stance. They look the same. When someone gets hurt in such a clash, often through no premeditated thought by either party, it just seems at the moment there is no other way to react.

The lesson, you may have noticed, is that your fear threatens those you fear, for the same reasons your opponents' fear threatens you. The basic response to fear is fight or flight, and you can never be certain which response those who fear you will choose.

Wouldn't it be a blessing to have a simple, workable method of changing your reactions so you would not be hurt or hindered by your own unconscious triggered responses? You can gain this benefit from this book. You can learn not only to change your reactions, you can actually learn to remove the major cause of negative reactions to you and what you do.

You can finally have something new and different, a verbal process that is simple, fast and able to lift the unconscious limits within your inner mind.

This same process enables you to release the fears and hostile feelings that cause negative reactions in other people and contribute to other undesirable outcomes. In this way, The Releasing Strategy offers lasting positive impact on your self image and on both personal and professional relationships.

So, try it! Take a chance, and join me in the fascinating new experience that is yours when you learn to design your heart's desire with The Releasing Strategy.

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