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Creating and Using Your Own Response Indicator

The instrument used in The Cameron Method to access and measure your hidden beliefs and inner programming is called the Response Indicator, or Indicator for short. It enables you to monitor your inner mind or subconscious. It does this by magnifying the unconscious micromotor muscle responses in your fingers as you are holding it. The Indicator then provides visual feedback of your inner subliminal responses. These are produced by your subconscious mind. The Indicator is a simple, effective biofeedback instrument.

For the scientific background on this instrument, see the landmark work by Ernest Rossi, Ph.D. and David B. Cheek, M.D., Mind-Body Therapy, published in 1988 by W.W.Norton, New York, or the earlier work by Cheek and Leslie LeCron, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Chapter 11, published in 1968 by Grune & Stratton, Orlando, Florida (out of print).

Instructions on Using the Indicator

See the software's Tutorial. The Indicator is nothing more than a small weight at the end of a line which is held by your fingers. The Indicator's seemingly independent or autonomous movement as we hold it is actually caused by tiny muscles in the fingertips. They are called micromotor muscles. Like the muscles used to blink our eyes, they operate below the level of conscious awareness. These muscles impart a torque or thrust in the line holding the weight, and in so doing cause it to move.

These movements are called ideomotor or ideodynamic signaling or responses---referring to the connection of "idea" with "motor" responses. They take place quite naturally in four distinct directions that correspond to the movements of the head when we use a head movement to signal Yes, No, Don't Know or Won't Tell. Also, the inner mind readily cooperates in being instructed to work with simple graphic aids that provide a wide range of valuable data about the contents and functioning of our inner mind.

Since our conscious mind does not usually feel the micromotor muscles move, the Indicator has the strange quality of appearing to be moving by itself. However, these movements are actually being produced by the inner mind, giving its opinions and beliefs through the micromotor muscles directly in response to questions asked.

The idea that such normally inaccessible personal impressions can be gained in such a simple, direct fashion is often surprising and for some people difficult to accept at first. Successful experience with the Indicator over time, however, makes it clear that this is an extremely valuable tool of inquiry into the beliefs and emotions underling the most important areas of our mental, emotional and spiritual life.

How to Construct Your Indicator

If you already have a pendulum or small weight on a chain, you are in business. If not, you can make your own by tying a string to a ring or washer. A fishing weight works very well. Make the string or chain long enough so that--when you hold it as shown in the Tutorial--the bottom of the weight will be within an inch or so of the flat surface over which you will be working. Use either hand to hold it, between your thumb and your index or middle finger, whichever feels most comfortable.

It may take some practice to "get it working" properly. The principal problem is that of relinquishing conscious control and just "letting it happen." The Tutorial will help you through any such problems. Just follow the simple directions. It may be comforting to realize that our research since 1972 has consistently shown the Indicator to be the most accurate and sensitive biofeedback tool available for inner mind research and uncovering. In fact, any of the various suggested substitutes or alleged technological "improvements" have only produced significant losses in sensitivity, accuracy and usefulness.

Creating Your Fan

Print this image. Preferably use a stock of paper heavier than your normal typing or copying paper. Or you can "back it up" on cardboard once you've printed it. This is because the best way to work with your Fan is to place its leading edge under the side of your keyboard next to you so that you can hold the Indicator over it easily for both Yes-No and Percentage responses.

Ordering a Fan and Indicator

If you prefer, you may order one or more of our laminated Fans designed for protected use with your keyboard . Also, you may order our standard metal Indicator(s).

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