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17 December, 1999 - Stress Free Holidays

Inner Mind Update is currently a free online newsletter, published monthly by Sharon & Clark Cameron to support your benefiting from the Releasing Strategy which is part of The Cameron Method. We focus on key developments and challenges of the mind, current affairs and life itself. The Cameron Method is available in software, cassette tapes, the book Designing Your Heart's Desire: The Releasing Strategy and personal counseling. For more information, see .

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Stress Free Holidays

Stress only occurs when you have two conflicting emotions or drives. It is fight or flight and not being able to go either way. If you can take action or move away you will not remain in conflict or stress. With The Releasing Strategy, you can do both. You can take control (take action) and emotionally let go (move away).

As we are into the holidays and coming up to the turning of the new year and the new century and the new may be feeling a little overwhelmed.

Are you keeping all the promises to yourself that you made last year? Are you organized and on top of all that you want to do? Are you able to get things done during this time of year? Are you in the physical shape you want to be in? Are you continuing the exercise, nutrition, and other programs that you committed to? (And how is your fat ratio these days?)

Finally if the answer to any of the above questions is no, or not good, are you totally relaxed about it all, or are you starting to get stressed?

You know that as the seasons and other things change, we often look to old habits to at least try to stabilize our lives. We can also be drawn to do rather unhealthy things because they remind us of happy times. And, some of those habits are not what we want to be doing, at least not consciously.

Holidays by definition, are times when you don't want to have to think about consequences. You want to relax. Have fun. Indulge! Unfortunately, then you have to live with the results of those actions...the January wake up call. What can you do to prevent this?

In working with inner-mind techniques for many years, we have found that affirmations (positive statements of being) are helpful, but not always effective. There may be too much in the inner mind resisting the statement so it won't be said enough to make a difference.

Hypnosis works, but if you had the time to focus on the issue and do the eyes-shut work it takes, you would have done it by now. No, you need something that you can take with you and use in the car or on the way to work without stopping your other activities.

The Releasing Strategy can enable you to let go of even some of the most tightly held negative mind-sets that may be holding you back from what you consciously want.

The strategy is similar to an affirmation in that it is a conscious, verbal statement. However, it works in the opposite way and is much more powerful. It involves a crafted Releasing Statement that connects to the problem issue in your mind.

You only have to say it once if you get it right. Getting it right means saying the Releasing Statement the way it is intended and actually hitting on the issue that means something to you. You will know when it occurs because it may become hard to say. You can tear up and even blank out on it.

Try these to help yourself be stress free during this time. Say each statement until you can say it easily.

Wishing you and yours a relaxed and happy holiday season.
And remember to enjoy today!

Sharon and Clark Cameron

The Cameron Group
Expanding Human Potential
"Attitude makes all the difference!"

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