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Sports & Peak Performance

Breaking Through Limits In Sports With The Cameron Method
Focusing on any sport desired

Beyond Hypnosis, Beyond Performance Training

The limits in any high level sports performance are always based in the mind. An athlete can have top training physically, and have great aptitudes and skill level and still not achieve the consistent top performance that is possible. Furthermore, an athlete who is a high performer can have stresses unrelated to the game that can negatively impact his performance and ability to remain injury free.

With aptitude and skill level being essentially equal, then the problem, block or limit must lie within the mind of the individual. That is what psychological training, hypnotic suggestion and positive thinking all work to affect.

With The Cameron Method, individual as well as team performance can reach a new level of capability. It provides an extra mental edge. It is an advanced program to deal with both immediate and long term challenges, utilizing what Sharon Cameron calls in her book, Designing Your Heart's Desire, a "Mind Lever."

Though we can work in a workshop format, the ultimate positive impact we can provide for an athlete is through the one-on-one process where either Dr. Clark Cameron or Sharon Cameron works with the individual to find the unique blocks or limits in his/her mind, track down the causes of those blocks and then to help him release them with our special technique called The Releasing Strategy. We then check the subconscious to make sure that we have attained the desired results.

With the blocks removed, performance improvement, pain relief and stress release occur simply and naturally. The athlete is able to focus and remain in the "zone" of his highest personal performance.

Who Should Get Involved

Any sportsperson interested in increasing his consistency of successful performance and his ability to remain injury- resistant or injury-free. The process works regardless of sport. We are always working with the mind. Of course, an individual should use no mind- altering drugs or alcohol while we are working with him.

CompuMind TM Software Available

CompuMind software is available for continuing mental training and support after the private work.

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