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What people say about
The Cameron Method...

"I've done this process and I believe in this process. It's a great work and a good way to get you to the place you want to be in terms of personal health and connecting with the larger forces of life." -- Pat Jobe, host of

"In time, this work will cause a revolution in mental health and therapy. It is so much more effective than anything in the counseling or motivational field." --Gene Guest, Mathematician, computer analyst, Santa Clara, CA

“I released many old mindsets that had held me back. Most exciting, I even released long held severe allergies! This process has taught me to recognize less useful mindsets and let them go easily. It allows me to respond constructively in situations often considered chaotic, as well as in times of dramatic change. Using this process on a consistent basis adds a sense of contentment and peace of mind to my life." -----Peg Stewart, Computer communications specialist, Livermore Labs, CA

"I have a large staff of salespeople. I've had one after another of my key people go through the program with impressive results. It has worked for us!" --Ted Delong, Money Doctor Financial Planning

"Since taking the program, I have an ability to keep my thoughts focused on what I want to do and how to do it. I am more disciplined and am able to do things with stability and confidence. For example, last night I picked up the phone at 6:30 to make cold calls, something I have had an aversion to in the past, and didn't put it down until 9:00 PM! I could not have done that before. I now have 14 loans in the works - in the past I would have had only 1-2 during the same period. This has made a real difference in my income." --Dennis Evanovsky, World Savings & Loan

"When I took my client out yesterday, everything was different. I felt confident, in control, and very clear about what I was doing. Your program has made a great difference in my work and my feelings about my work. I highly recommend it!" --Carmela Venezio, Realtor
"I still can't believe what I have accomplished after 20 hours with your program. I have seen major improvements in not only my career and my business, but also in my personal life and my marriage. I always had a big chip on my shoulder that interfered with my business and personal relationships, and now it's gone. The major difference is that now I love my work and my life. Thank you for helping!" --Joe Irber, Owner of a small business
"I've been a very successful salesperson, but I went through a slump about three years ago. I met Dr. Cameron, took the program, and things have totally turned around. My income doubled in the first 90 days and my sales have been phenomenal. The techniques are truly unique - they are so different you have to release all preconceptions about this type of work and just go with the program. The results will be worth it!" --Art Hahn, Luxury Kitchen Sales
"It's been a completely remarkable experience. I'm in the right business to make it big, but somehow the brakes were on. The discoveries I made with the program were simply amazing. The improvements in my work habits were not only unexpected, but are proving to be the keys to reaching my personal and financial goals!" --Art Sparling, Insurance and investment counselor
"Your personal training is the greatest thing that has happened to me. It's released my negative thought patterns and helped me let go of the fears that were hindering my performance. I have to admit that it seemed strange at first, but after I got into the program it was great! You gave me a 'mental eraser' to get rid of any negative or limiting thoughts that might come up. It seems to work like magic!" --Sami Sada, Realtor
"Before starting your program, I would tense up every time I had to face a new client or make a presentation. It's strange, but the resistance by clients isn't there anymore. I can just be me, and they can just be them! I can automatically get in synch with people, I can call up their secretaries and get right through to them, and relax while presenting my information to them clearly and concisely. I like that feeling." --David Barnes, V.P. genetic engineering firm
"I'm an executive with twenty years experience in my industry and had been doing a lot of questioning about my life and goals. As a result of your program I now have my own business with terrific prospects. Although I was highly skeptical at first, I found the program worked for me just as you said it would. It's a very sound idea!" --David Rosprim, New Business Contacts
"I've been in sales for nine years. I felt I was knocking my head against a wall and making too slow progress. This has proven to be very different than other personal growth or motivational type workshops I've been to in the past. Your technique gets right in there and finds the parts that need to be changed and fixes them while leaving the rest intact. It's simple, clean, and really works. In the quarter after finishing the program, I did more business and made more money than the whole previous year!" --Matt Hill, Owner sales training programs
"I started out skeptical, but your approach is totally different and very very effective. What I like best about it is that it is very straightforward, easy to do, and completely non-intrusive. The more I participated and went with the program, the more I got out of it. Things were easier to do, I was able to function better, and my sales increased!" --Glenn Kesselman, Fiberoptic Equipment Sales
"I'm a corporate financial consultant. I felt stuck and that I was holding myself back. I found I was even afraid to talk to the people who needed my services the most! Now after doing the program, I am so busy now the day just doesn't seem to have enough minutes. I'm not afraid to talk to new clients and business has never been better! I really enjoy my work and business comes to me." --Hank Sprintz, Financial consultant.
Transcriptions of Recorded Testimonials on The Cameron Method & Releasing

Lem Fugitt, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Major International Electronic Instruments Firm

When we started a year ago, I was initially skeptical, since I'd done a lot of different things like NLP. I never did sort out how you [Clark] happened to find me, but I am very happy it all did work out. When we first got together I was facing some major, major challenges at work, and I was going through a divorce and problems with my kids resulting from the divorce.

Our work together really helped me get a focus on things, to communicate with myself, to be able to look back and to really get a lot more balance in my life. It's made a major contribution to my professional advance and my future with the company.

The skills I've learned, the techniques that I've learned will stay with me. What you've taught me has become habit and I won't forget. It's really been internalized as part of my life, I use it every day.

In that instant, where the recognition occurs that I'm being triggered, my conditioned responses are setting me up, I can recognize it and in a kind of mini-Releasing Statement let go of that and deal with the real question: do I want to react this way or not, what is my repertoire of responses? And I can trigger myself into the appropriate responses because through the techniques that we've worked on all the past year, I recognize that I have that vocabulary, I have that repertoire. And I don't have to follow the automatic path.

It's opened me up to that kind of instant flexibility. So it's been very, very positive, very worthwhile. If I was facing the opportunity to do it again a year ago would I do it? In a heartbeat! Absolutely.

Another thing I've learned is that people have to be at a certain place, they have to have a certain leverage on themselves, be open, be ready, to accept this. I've tried to bring different people into different methodologies, get team managers involved. I've had a few of them really benefit from it.

I've tried introducing them to your methodology with mixed results. But some weren't at a point where they really needed it, or didn't have the leverage on themselves to benefit from it. And I accept that, I don't have to force it on them. I don't have to convert them to my "religion" in order to validate my own decision.

A trivial comment would be, "Different strokes for different folks". Well, I accept that. It's great, and I can put myself in their place, and see that at some point in my life I wouldn't have been attracted. If I'd met you ten or fifteen years before I did, thirty years before, I would have thought you were crazy or just on an unreachable level, something like that. But at the right moment, it's been wonderful. I'd do it again and I'd highly recommend it to other people.

My ability to function on the highest managerial level has been literally soaring. And that's in an enormously challenging intercultural context.

Lucy Kovasevic - Sales

I've been in sales 12 years. The Cameron Method has changed my life in many aspects. One is public speaking. I was always afraid to speak in public and after I released on that it helped a great deal. The fear went away and it is still gone.

I don't have any problem speaking in public now. It used to be like that cold feeling in the pit of your stomach. It has given me a whole new outlook on my personal life and what I have control over and why I was experiencing some anxieties.

I was upset over my mother being overweight and it was mixed up with fears about my own tendency that way. It really got in the way of our relationship. Once I released on it, it all went away and I have a much better relationship with her. Even though we didn't have a bad relationship, it's just much better now.

I have a better relationship with my children because of it, and I'm happier with myself. I had a lot of conflicts because of past experiences that happened to me, especially in my work, sales. Its not always a real cheery outlook. You have things happen to you and they affect you, deep inside, when you least expect. When people criticize you, or you have someone put you down.

And I had a few bosses who were very negative. They put everyone down around them including me and this stayed with me. I no longer have those particular bosses, but what they did to me stayed. And this work helped me release on those.

My life is working so much better now because of it. I believe in projecting what you want.. I was doing several kinds of jobs and decided I really needed to get a job. Things just happened, I opened up the paper, here was this job, it turned out to be the ideal job.

That stuff just doesn't happen every day. And I think it has something to do with my being open to (the thought) "well, this is what I want to do. This is what I'm going to change. This is the direction I'm going to take."

So this is what the Releasing has done for me in my day to day life. One of the things that used to get in my way was, I would always think about what was I projecting, what I sounded like as opposed to being relaxed with it and being my normal self. It helps me with that. It's like trying to learn golf. As they say "Just relax and swing through the ball." The ball goes and everyone's happy. The trick is getting to that state of getting out of your own way. This works to get you out of your own way.

I think I have a natural sales ability, and if I just let go with it, it comes out in a natural (positive) way. I come across as I really am and people trust me. And a lot to do with sales is trust.

Jeff Jenks, Sales After 18 years in sales, when I first came to see Dr. Cameron, I was full of fears and negative feelings and feeling pretty lousy about everything in general. In the course of his coaching I discovered some important things I'd wanted to do that I'd been holding back from doing. I went ahead and did those things.

Dr. Cameron helped me help myself to make all these things possible that hadn't been before. Now they have happened and I'm feeling very good about myself at this point and optimistic about the future and excited about my new assignment in industry and less fearful about everything in general.

It's a marvelous feeling to be centered and at peace with oneself and ready to go out and accept new challenges and bring about new knowledge and to be clear on a better operational definition of what your purpose in life might be other than in general to do good in other people's lives.

I'm now staying in a mode of being open to new ideas and ready to accept whatever comes about through my own energy and intentions and handle my life in a more productive and positive way. This experience has been very valuable in that sense; also it's been fun to talk about things that are important such as managing your life and understanding more about yourself, while having guidance and direction from a teacher such as Dr. Cameron who's also a facilitator who gets me more in touch with myself and gets me clear on what's been forming my attitudes and habits so I can change those and be more productive and positive and a more powerful individual.

So I am very grateful for that experience, it's been wonderful. I must say I was amazed at the process at the outset, especially at the biofeedback device, which can be such a useful tool for discovering what your subconscious is programmed with, and for being able to observe that with your conscious mind. I must say that the original description of what would occur was what occurred.

It seemed a little fantastic to believe that you could be consciously aware of your subconscious but it proved to be the case, and it's been marvelous to have a vehicle that easily and painlessly corrects subconscious programming that has been hampering your enjoyment of life and your attitude toward yourself and your ability to be centered productively on your real needs. And it's also marvelous to not be hamstrung any more by all the negative feelings, attitudes and fears that have been driving you around the clock for so long.

How did it happen? I understand that in standard therapy it's the relationship with the therapist that makes it work, not any particular therapy or methodology. With Dr. Cameron and his method, we of course form a personal relationship through the process of talking to each other. That's got to happen. But it hasn't been the reason for the success of the coaching.

The Cameron Method itself has been independent of the relationship, and its process is what gives the results to the individual, and not the relationship. The relationship has been one of mutual regard and trust and fun, and that's nice, but the process is what has delivered the benefit. It is independent of the coach or facilitator, although I must say he is well practiced in knowing how to get the results from the process, and to lead me to the places I need to go in my subconscious and in my understanding of how it works and what has happened to form and shape my attitudes and behavior. As a navigator he's good!

So the results are the consequence of the ability of the individual to identify, with the navigator's help, what the subconscious programming has been. Using very effective techniques, very practical techniques for making progress, for better managing your life and understanding yourself.

These are things I can take with me for the future, knowing that they do work and provide a benefit that goes beyond doing what I was able to do with Dr. Cameron. In short, the process---The Cameron Method---is valuable in and of itself. As my wife said on my fortieth birthday on Sunday, isn't it nice that I have a positive outlook for the future, rather than being in the sh-t that I was in when I started the coaching---and that I'd actually been in for a couple of years---about what I was doing for a living. So it was nice to have an optimistic outlook on life and career as I turned forty.

Carol Wells, Real Estate Agent

I find it's very interesting what's been happening. As I at first thought to myself, a short time of therapy is not going to help. I mean I need this long, long therapy, and sitting with doctors and psychologists for a long time and then maybe I'll see a little bit of progress.

But it's a feeling inside, and its very hard to put your finger on it. I'm different, and yet we've worked together only four times. It's just hard to explain. I now have a feeling that I'm going to respond to whatever life has to offer me, in a more positive way.

For instance, I had a bad time last week. I had a challenge. I started to fall apart like I used to, but then I could see myself regrouping, saying these releases, taking these little thoughts you'd been giving me and applying them to completely different situations and seeing them work. It works in every aspect. It works businesswise, it works personal relationship-wise. It works with the inner me. You know, when I'm talking to myself. So that I have something really new going on, and I feel different. I'm now better able to handle what's coming my way. I'm excited about life's challenges, I even want a challenge. I feel stronger. I'm not as scared and I see that I'm less frightened as I go along.

It's helped in my private life the most. However, I just listed a house and sold it in 3 days. I sold another house last night. Work doesn't seem to need a whole lot of effort. How much of that is my smiley face and certainly my feeling better about myself?

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