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25 October, 1997 - The Worldwide Laws of Life

Quote of the Week: "The world operates on spiritual principles just as it operates on the laws of physics and gravity. It is put to us to learn what these principles are and then choose to live by them. Let's look at this idea. You might ask, 'What is spiritual law?' We may answer that it is an invisible law and, being of spirit, is not dictated by the laws of our physical world. Spiritual law isn't shaped by current opinion or whim. It is not determined by people. Spiritual laws are impartial because they apply equally to everyone throughout our world. They work without prejudice or bias at all times and in all places. These laws are self-enforcing and are not dependent on human authority or commandments.

"Followers of the ancient Chinese sage Lao Tzu understood spiritual law as the Tao. The simplest interpretation of Tao, or spiritual law, is 'This is how things work.' One way to comprehend this law is to realize the relationship between the mind and its thoughts, feelings, and ideas and the physical activities that give those thoughts, feelings, and ideas expression. There is a relationship between the invisible thoughts and feelings of our minds and the visible actions we take as a result of them." (John Marks Templeton, The Worldwide Laws of Life: 200 Eternal Spiritual Principles, P. xviii, 1997, The Templeton Foundation -

Comment: We have recently become aware of this amazing man who is described by The New York Times Magazine as "the dean of global investing," and Norman Vincent Peale characterized as "the greatest layman of the Christian Church in our time." Retired in 1992 from the financial world he now devotes his time to philanthropic work through the John Templeton Foundation. For twenty-five years he has funded the Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion given to an outstanding individual who has made contributions in spiritual progress. He has authored or edited numerous books, including his latest from which we quote above.

We have been participating in responding to a unique request from the Templeton Foundation for proposals for "Scientific Studies on Forgiveness." What an amazing idea... to take an in-depth scientific look at the "Forgiveness Effect." What does it really mean, and what happens when you do it? What happens to your health, to your relationships, to your life? And this is not to be done in a subjective manner. It is to be accomplished by credentialed researchers (university researchers and nonprofit organizations) with studies to be published in respected journals. And then, the Foundation wants "collaboration with philosophic, religious or ethical organizations," The request alone is awe inspiring.

We believe the proposal we are involved with will be meeting the Foundation's requirements and interest. We will know if it has passed the first hurdle Nov. 1 and then the very in-depth proposal will be due Dec. 1. The awards will be announced March 1.

The Releasing Strategy that we use in The Cameron Method works to accomplish "letting go of negative feelings about the targeted person or issue or thing." It essentially corresponds to the definition of forgiveness. The proposal we are involved with is suggesting study of the Cameron Method process as provided in CompuMindTM Software that will be especially focused on Forgiveness. It will be studied by university researchers who will be testing its efficacy using control groups, and standardized attitudinal tests. There will also be a study at a medical research center in Wichita, KS on the effects of forgiveness as provided within the software upon long term and degenerative disease.

The project will also be collaborating with three prominent churches to test the attitudinal effects of the Forgiveness software with volunteers from their congregations.

The premise is inspiring and unusual. It is to test whether and to what extent software can provide Operationally Effective Forgiveness, and what effects will be found and measured. The results can be a foundation for a future where a vast computer-using population will have available support to enhance and encourage this positive mindset and response.

In the meantime, you have the opportunity to utilize this tool for enhancing your attitude now. You can learn some of it with the book, Designing Your Heart's Desire: The Releasing Strategy For Personal Power and Peace of Mind. (The first four chapters are available to read on this web site) The original software is also available.

Or, of course, you can wait for the controlled studies and the reports from the researchers. Just stay tuned.

Until next time, the best to you,
Clark and Sharon Cameron

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