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The Cameron Method - Newsletter Archive

6 November, 1997 - Risk, Security, and Triumph

Thoughts of the Week: Nothing ventured, nothing gained! No pain, no gain! When the going gets tough, the tough get going. And... Everything's a trade-off. (You've gotta pay some way.)

Comment: These are great truisms or affirmations. It seems our minds are so clever, so aware of negative consequences at every turn, however, we can stymie ourselves as we ponder and analyze those consequences.

It is known that take-action people are often not greatly introspective. If you really let yourself think of the possible negative consequences of any action, you might never get out of bed in the morning. And a version of that is how most people lead their lives. "Play it safe. Don't risk, or you can lose everything." Or at least... "It will be too painful if you lose."

It is a good idea to take a look at this. How much pain can you stand in relation to a particular issue or desire? How much are you willing to put up with to achieve what you want? Even if you want "safety" or "security," you are going to have to give up something for it.

For "safety," you may spend many years in a job you don't like, or in relationships that are deadening. You can even end up with negative feelings about yourself because you deem yourself a coward. Be it success in money, the right career, intellectual achievement, relationships, or healthy living, you will always have to trade something for what you want.

You may have thought you lacked something others have because you haven't yet achieved what you consciously want. Please realize that you have been choosing to "think about it" -- waiting to find in your mind all the negative consequences before you take any action. It has been your trade off for safety. Your real belief has been, "Nothing ventured, nothing lost." But that just isn't true. You lose time and at least one more opportunity.

Remember the most effective soldier in combat is one who has decided he is already dead. There is no thought to avoid pain or death. There is only the thought to protect himself enough to make it to the objective. Now that is focused attention.

Thoughts on the Cameron Method: You can take those "sensible" negative thoughts, make a rational decision that the pain might be worth it, and if it is for you, then Release the limiting beliefs. And Release that you can't handle that pain. You will find more options available to you. You will find you will be able to focus your energies effectively to create what you really want in life.

Use The Releasing Strategy to free yourself from the chains around your mind. One problem with visualization or affirmations has been that the "rational" part of your mind has always been there fighting with objections that "made sense." Releasing puts you in control again.

From the Cameron Method Files: A client of Clark's was a salesman and trainer for a sales training company. He had never been able to go out on his own although he was charming, funny, a great trainer and salesman for the company. He was stuck with his own fears of not being able to support his family and make it on his own if he didn't have the guaranteed paycheck. As a result of removing his negative blocks with Clark, he was able to sell more in the final quarter of that year than he had been able to do in any preceding year. And within eighteen months he had successfully established his own special niche training company. He has been flourishing ever since.

Let go of the fears holding you back. Learn to use your mind in this new way and create what you really do want in life!

Until next time, the best to you,
Sharon and Clark Cameron

P.S. The Templeton Foundation has accepted the Letter of Intent for our project to move to the next step of offering the full proposal for funding competition. (See last newsletter.)

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