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8 September, 2000 - Good News

Inner Mind Update is currently a free online newsletter, published monthly by Sharon & Clark Cameron to support your benefiting from the Releasing Strategy which is part of The Cameron Method. We focus on key developments and challenges of the mind, current affairs and life itself. The Cameron Method is available in CompuMind software, cassette tapes, the book Designing Your Heart's Desire: The Releasing Strategy and personal counseling. For more information, see and

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Good News

We can feel serious lack of control in our lives for many reasons. One is when negative news reports seem to assault us from all directions. We tune in because we want to avoid the dangers in our lives. How can we safeguard ourselves? What areas should we avoid? How can we protect our families and those we care about?

It is adrenaline producing. We constantly want to know the latest challenge, hopefully to be relieved that we are out of danger (at least for the moment).

One area in which most of us have felt lack of control is in the reports of destruction in the environment. Along with this unhappy news, we seem to be told that we will have to give up our modern lifestyle to save it.

We watch helplessly as massive ecosystems are dying (such as coral reefs) at the same time our species seems to be just demanding more and more from the environment. The only people who are not affected or are able to ignore the reports are people who don't have a family or can't connect with the rest of humanity's future.

It's understandable that people feel threatened when their industry is attacked for harming the environment. No one wants to believe they have done anything wrong. They can also feel better if they are not the only ones or finally, that they didn't know they were doing anything wrong when it was started.

We noted a recent example of upsetting news in The Atlanta Journal Constitution (from The New York Times), Sunday, Aug. 20, 2000. It was a report from an oceanographer, director of the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard University who was a lecturer on an arctic icebreaker cruise ship in the arctic. In previous years, they had allowed people to get off the ship and hike across the 6 to 9 foot thick icepack to the North Pole. They would take pictures to record the event. It was great fun, until this year.

As they moved closer to the Pole, they found no ice. The North Pole is now under water. The captain said there was a sense of shock and gloom on the ship as they realized the truth. Scientists say the last time the pole was under water was 50,000 years ago.

We still have people denying there are any effects of global warming. But what can we do if there is? How can we reverse the trend without having to go back to primitive living?

Reassurance can be found in a fascinating and optimistic book we have recently encountered. It is a wonderful antidote to daily depressing environmental news. Its title is Natural Capitalism by Paul Hawkin, Amory Lovins and L. Hunter Lovins.

The book's subtitle is "Creating the next Industrial Revolution" It details what top companies are doing with advances in technology for the good of their bottom line--and to help solve environmental problems at the same time. It shows where fortunes are being and going to be made.

Recently, when the air in Atlanta was classified as purple for two days, I (Sharon) looked in the book for some good news about auto pollution. I found that big car companies have been putting billions of dollars into developing a truly marketable low emission car. The successful ones are hybrid electrics.

The genius of the hybrid design is that the wheels are turned largely or wholly by an electric motor; but the electricity, rather than being stored in heavy batteries recharged by plugging into a utility grid, is produced onboard from fuel as needed.

It takes only a small amount of gas to charge the electric generator. The batteries are also recharged with deceleration, in other words, you regain power each time you step on the brakes.

The best news is that hybrid electrics are available in the U.S. now. Toyota's Prius sedan has been greatly accepted in Japan since 1997 and in August was introduced into the U.S. market. Honda's model is the two-seater hatchback Insight which came to the U.S. a few months earlier. You can see either one at a dealership now. There is a three-month waiting list for the Prius, but you can find the Honda immediately.

These cars are really amazing and natural to drive--smooth and peppy. It seems like a very quiet gas engine because there is one still there. American car makers are working hard to catch up.

And by the way, did I mention that the gas mileage is over 50 MPG-with no emissions when idling?

The authors of the book note, "Alternatively, the electricity will be made by a stack of fuel cells--solid-state, no moving-parts, no-combustion devices that silently, efficiently, and reliably turn hydrogen and air into electricity, hot water, and nothing else." NC pg. 25.

There are buses in Chicago using this new technology. We are in the beginnings of a real revolution! We can help the environment and become personally free from the tyranny of oil producers and oil companies! (Not that we take it personally).

We highly recommend this book. Only one chapter is about the auto industry. There are exciting advances in many other areas too.

Use it to find hope for the future. Use it to find positive cutting edge technology to use in your own life or business.

And thinking of cutting edge technology, use The Releasing Strategy as taught in the book Designing Your Heart's Desire: The Releasing Strategy to help keep your mind from getting dragged down by any news. Repeat each of the following statements aloud only until you can say it easily:

On this last statement, we want to acknowledge that leading Democrats and Republicans alike are recommending this book.

Enjoy today!
Sharon and Clark Cameron

The Cameron Group
Expanding Human Potential

"Attitude makes all the difference!"

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