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The Cameron Method - Newsletter Archive

24 April, 2001 - The Movie “Memento,” Clutter, and Freedom

Inner Mind Update is an online, subscribed newsletter published by Sharon & Clark Cameron to encourage and support your benefiting from the Releasing Strategy, which is part of The Cameron Method Mind Change System. We focus on key developments and challenges of the mind, current affairs and life itself.

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The Movie "Memento," Clutter, and Freedom

This is a good time of year to clean out and unclutter your home, your office, and any other places you inhabit. It is also a good time to unclutter your mind.

What things could you let go of if you decided to just keep the things (and thoughts) that are truly useful to you? How much clutter could you get rid of, freeing up more space for other activities, or even other more currently interesting things?

How about cleaning up your mind from negative soul-souring beliefs and judgments about yourself, your life, and even other people? You know how they crowd your inner space and weigh you down.

We saw the amazing movie Memento the other night. The main character in it has no ability to form short term memory because of a brain injury he sustained when his wife was murdered. He can remember things before that trauma. Those memories are in long-term storage.

Currently however, he can have an experience of life for a few minutes at a time, then when that situation is over, he loses the memory to oblivion. He constantly is suddenly coming to and knows nothing about where he is or how he got there, nor does he recognize any people around him.

The scenes of the movie are shown backward so we get to go through the confusion and disorienting feelings he does. We are also in complete ignorance of the who, what or why of what is happening. It works.

What does this fascinating mystery tale have for us in our everyday life? For one thing, you will walk out of that show so thankful that you are not in that horrible situation. We take memory so for granted that we can hardly imagine such a fate.

With our functioning memory, we are free to base our actions and feelings on a huge foundation of past experiences and beliefs. It is comforting. And then again, it can be a trap of another kind.

Do you know all the “facts” behind your life or relationship decisions? Think about it before you answer. We can't know all sides to anything. We make the best decisions we can, based on information we believe we have at the time. Like the character in the movie, sometimes we are misled, and sometimes we mislead ourselves.

Our inner mind will work to protect our position or inner story, no matter how little of a story we can comprehend or remember. We believe instinctively that we wouldn't do anything “wrong”. It must have been someone else that caused us to act unreasonably. And that someone or group of someones should be the ones punished for it.

It’s another consequence of our imperfect memories, and our inner need to be right. Let’s let go of some of these stuck attitudes. Create new freedom for yourself by having a mighty spring cleaning of your inner mind.

Let go of mind and life clutter with the releasing technique from The Cameron Method, described in the book Designing Your Heart’s Desire: The Releasing Strategy, by Sharon Cameron. Repeat these statements aloud just until you can say them easily.

Remember to enjoy today!
Sharon and Clark Cameron

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